List of our main references:


Applied research

2015-2017 : Contribution of wild and stocked pike in captures in Lake Serre-Ponçon, through the study of otolith elemental composition (Collaboration University of Pau-FDPPMA 05).

2015-2016 : Searching for discriminating geochemical signatures between Drac and Souloise rivers, two tributaries of the Sautet reservoir, used as spawning areas for Lake trout (Collaboration University of Pau-FDPPMA 05).

2015 : Can the geochemical composition of otoliths determine the natal origin of brown trout in Lake Geneva ? (Collaboration University of Pau – INRA Thonon – Geneva Canton – Vaud Canton).

2015 : Effect of suspended sediments (SS) on rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss : study of survival and stress of fish exposed to different SS concentrations (Collaboration Compagnie Nationale du Rhône – hepia).


Transfer and adaptation to the management

2015 : Assistance in setting up a RFID detection device in Sierroz River (Savoie), in order to study the spawning migration behaviour of Lake trout in Lake Bourget (Collaboration FDPPMA 73).

2015 : Placement of a radiotelemetry survey device and surgical marking of trout in the Sautet reservoir, to assess fish passage conditions at Pont du Loup sill in the Drac River. (Collaboration EDF – FDPPMA 05).

2015 : Implementation of an optimized monitoring approach for the conservation of « Wild Rivers » (skills sponsorship for the Wild Rivers Conservation Fund).


Scientific expertise

2015-2016 : Assessment of brown trout stocking contribution in 3 watersheds in Valais and development of a growth model (Department Hunting, Fishing and Wildlife, Valais).

2015 : Feasibility study for the use of HTI acoustic telemetry technology in Lake Serre-Ponçon in order to locate pike spawning areas (Collaboration IRSTEA Lyon – FDPPMA 05).

2015 : State of scientific literature related to downstream behaviour of the main fish species characteristics of the lower Ain River : brown trout, grayling, pike and rheophilic cyprinids (Collaboration SAGE Environment).

2015-2019 : Assessment of the contribution of stocking in trout catches in Lake Leman and genetic characteristics of the hatchery stock (Collaboration APERA).

2015 : Expertise of obstacle crossing for fish in rivers applying for the « Wild Rivers » label (Collaboration Departmental Council of Ain).

2014-2015 : Development, restoration and rehabilitation of brown trout populations and habitats in Oued Ahansal (Morocco) for the promotion of recreational fishing (Collaboration GIZ GmBH in Germany and Haut-Commissariat Marocain aux Eaux et Forêts et à la Lutte Contre la Désertification).

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