1/RFID devices and PIT-tag marking for fish monitoring

scimabio lecteur PIT tag RFID(For more information on the value and possibilities of this technique, read our technical focus and our tools page). We have been working for many years with OregonRFID, for they have developed a perfected and robust technology that is adaptable to every situation and allows for the building of antennas of any size. We can offer different tailor-made services in the form of kits that will address the needs of the project as well as the site-specific issues. This kit-system brings operational solutions to every step of your project:


  1. PIT-Design Kit: conception of the protocol, from setting up the best device (amount and placement of readers and antennas) to designing and testing antennas for an optimal detection (type of cables, number of wire turns, voltage, etc)…
  2. PIT-Material Kit: relationship with the suppliers, order and supply of all project materials according to the established protocol.
  3. PIT-Installation Kit: on-site installation of the devices according to the established design.
  4. PIT-Elect Kit: supply of an adapted electrical power supply for the device, in accordance to the characteristics and site-specific issues.
  5. PIT-Maintenance Kit: maintenance of all the new equipment for the duration of the project (data recovery, regular on-site visits, maintenance and repairs,…). This kit is only available if the installation has been done by SCIMABIO.
  6. PIT-Assistance Kit: on-demand rapid-assistance to repair or optimize already installed OregonRFID devices. This pack applies when the PIT-maintenance kit hasn’t been subscribed to, or the device hasn’t been installed by us.
  7. PIT-Data Kit: This service includes the collecting and statistical analysis of monitoring data.


2/Our “culvert kit” is a patented removable device suitable for the crossing of culverts by fish

scimabio culvert kit fish passageThis modular device modifies the flow conditions in culverts to allow fish to cross safely. It is adaptable to all kind of structures, whether circular, oval, square or rectangular shaped, in concrete or corrugated iron, for culverts or truss bridges. To date existing devices consist in fixing directly to the structure isolated elements and have many disadvantages. They can only be used in easily accessible works with a diameter larger than 1.5 meter. Their set-up compels working in the dry, and the fixtures are permanent, without a possibility to modulate thereafter.

ILLUSTRATIONS OF OUR PATENTED DEVICEScimabio culvert kit fish passage

The goal of our patented device is to provide a comprehensive, global and modular solution that is easy to set-up and remove, allowing fish to pass through any road-crossing works, whatever their type and size. It is based on a modification of the flow and increased bottom roughness within the culvert. In opposition to existing solutions, our device can be set-up without having to enter the culvert, can be modified afterwards if needed to change technical characteristics. It can be removed without risks for the structure. It can also be installed on rather long stretches. In order to adapt to every situation, our device can be fitted with different types and shapes of flow dampers:

scimabio culvert kit fish passage

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