The « PIT-data Transfer System » kit is a tool for the remote transfer of PIT-tag data

After over a year of development and testing, SCIMABIO Interface has finalised a kit to remotely transfer PIT-tag data from Oregon RFID readers.

This kit resolves several problems for the users of Oregon RFID devices; it:

  • Saves regular trips to the study site to download the data (time saving as well as cost of travelling);
  • Informs daily on the main parameters that are necessary for the proper running of the setup, which means an earlier detection of the potential problems;
  • Optimizes the travelling for maintenance by reducing them to the strict minimum;
  • Eliminates all risk of losing data due to a malfunctioning of the data logger.

This kit brings in many advantages for the users by providing:

  • A remote access to data at the required frequency (every 24 hours for example);
  • An additional backup of the data on a server;
  • A daily control of the smooth functioning of your RFID readers;
  • In case of malfunction, an alert will be sent by text and/or by e-mail;
  • New attempts to transfer the data in case of failure.
modem scimabio interface

PIT-data transfer system

The « PIT-data Transfer System » kit consists of:

  • A modem specifically adapted to Oregon RFID readers;
  • An easy support system using Velcro for housing the modem directly in the Oregon RFID reader;
  • In option, the GSM subscription at the operator offering the best cover around your site;
  • All electric connectors (power and RS232 cable);
  • A GSM antenna with 5m of cable;
  • A secure access to your data on a ftp server;
  • A compilation utility so that the data is transferred in a single file;
  • Potential updates of the system.

Technical characteristics:

  • Two wiring options are possible : inside or outside the Oregon RFID reader;
  • The power is supplied directly from the Oregon RFID reader;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Works in a range of temperature from -30°C to 80°C

A reliable and resistant system, a ready to use kit, easy to install.

We propose a leasing contract for this « PIT-data Transfer System » kit for long term studies in order to guarantee a quality service at good value for money: the investment makes a profit immediately because of the savings on trips and time, and the quality of the data collection is much improved.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.